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SAP Fiori




SAP Fiori lets anyone in your organization work with SAP quickly, simply, and easily. No matter how complex your SAP landscape, or the business process, Fiori apps eliminate the complexities that have kept many employees from working with the essential business information they need.

This means that the people who have found SAP too difficult to use, or who have had to rely on others for their SAP information, now have a way to get the information they need by themselves.

That’s why introducing Mobility to your SAP ecosystem with SAP Fiori is the easiest way to build your organization’s productivity.

Pathway for both employer and employee.

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Daniel Primera

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There are hundreds of Fiori apps available and more are coming every day. Choosing the right apps, configuring them, ensuring appropriate security, and integrating them to the SAP back end can be a challenge. Moreover, should an existing app not be available for a business process you depend upon, a custom app can be created. Fingent’s extensive experience creating mobile applications and our deep knowledge of SAP will ensure that your Fiori rollout produces the maximum value and the minimum of delay and hiccups.