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One of the main factors in this sector is the permanent innovation in which it is immersed. Investment in digital technology is bigger every day, causing a change in the strategy, focusing on the product developments and compliance. The potential of companies in this industry for positioning themselves in the market with their innovative products is very high. Product Development, Innovation and compliance. SAP S/4HANA helps life sciences companies transform into intelligent enterprises through integrated business applications that use intelligent technologies and can be extended on SAP® Cloud Platform. This enables next-generation business processes to deliver breakthrough business value on our customers’ journeys to becoming intelligent enterprise

Careator is focussed on Digital Transformation that is happening in Pharmaceutical Industry, aligning with SAP’s road map of Patient’s increasing Collaboration with technology. Whether is it a diabetes app or oncology data input software, pharma companies are seeing great benefits in aligning with technology.

Pathway for both employer and employee.

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SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing solution for planning and scheduling and SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing solution for production engineering and operations deliver an enhanced, comprehensive, and simplified user experience that enables enterprise-wide manufacturing collaboration within an integrated SAP S/4HANA environment. S/4HANA is a solution dedicated to help manufacturers gain valuable insights into the quality aspects of their manufacturing processes, streamline quality management and apply predictive algorithms to reduce losses incurred due to quality issues and recommend corrective actions


• On-premise deployment

• Enhanced manufacturing collaboration enterprise-wide

• Enriched and seamless digital manufacturing capabilities

• Real-time enterprise analytics for better decision-making

Dispatching and Sequencing of operations for a short-term horizon

▪ Manage Shifts and Labor

▪ Ensuring availability of Labor, Material and Tools

▪ Reflects the reality on the shop floor

▪ Provides monitoring capabilities for the entire production process

▪ Intelligent algorithms that support upfront planning and reaction on short term changes / events

 ▪ Innovative concepts like gamification and machine learning

▪ Excellent User Experience and Decision support ▪ Support of new agile factory layout concepts


Transformation in the mining industry is occurring at a rapid pace. Changes in technologies, business environment standards, and the need for agility require constant adaptation. Mining companies must be able to respond to rapidly changing conditions yet still comply with all standards.

The digital economy is disruptive. Mining companies need strategic priorities that drive transformation. SAP supports a reimagined set of E2E business scenarios to support the strategic priorities of working in a digital environment

Mill Products

Mill product industries category consists of many sectors – from paper to metal, packaging, building materials, and even furniture. As many other industries, it is undergoing major digital transformation. SAP S/4HANA can help your mill product company to stand out from the competition and elevate your brand,  adopt innovative business models to align with customers and to personalize the solutions you offer to your customers.

Planning, Manufacturing, Logistics, Asset Management, Customer Relationships and cross enterprise supporting activities are planned and executed and arrive Production overcapacity, high energy costs, commodity price volatility, and regulatory requirements expose mill products companies to increased risk and force them to control costs.


Handle the ebb and flow of energy generation, transmission, distribution, and retail by digitizing energy management processes to meet changing regulatory, environmental, operational, customer, and technological needs.

With S/4HANA the industry is currently balancing the efficient operations of its existing infrastructure with the need to adapt to the volatile market environment. Leading utilities are re-evaluating their physical assets and customer relationships to:


• Reimagine business models to find new revenue and profit sources.         Achieved by offering innovative supply, load balancing, and smart           home/business energy services

• Reimagine business processes and use of digital technology to                   optimize business outcomes. Achieved by converging information and      operational technologies

• Reimagine the role and structure of the workforce to support future         business. Achieved by incorporating wearable technology, Blockchain,     3D printers, and geospatial technologies


“Reimagining” the utilities business will shape the Digital Energy Network that overlays and complements the power supply system. All participants – utilities, consumers, and new non-utility players – will use digital innovation to anticipate real-time demand and supply, operate self-healing grids, and innovate the customer experience.


Connect, monitor, and tightly control manufacturing operations with the SAP Manufacturing Execution application. Integrate your business and manufacturing processes to help run efficient, high-quality production. Simplify, enrich, and extend digital collaboration between product design and manufacturing engineering. Drive lean Kanban execution that reduces operating costs. Enable continuous improvement with integrated, accurate operational performance data. Improve efficiency through execution and continuous control.


Automotive companies face the daunting challenge of needing to sharpen the core competencies that enable success today, while reshaping their ability to increase the pace and investment in innovation, integrate with technology partners, and radically transform their interaction with end consumers of mobility and transportation.

Successfully embracing the opportunities offered by new technologies and consequently implementing the right business initiatives will be the foundation of staying relevant in the future of the automotive industry.

Automotive OEMs and component manufacturers strive for excellence in their products in order to provide the best vehicle experience to the consumer. Digital

savvy millennials’ expectations are reflected in modern vehicle design: smarter and connected to the digital infrastructure.

Consumer Products

Predict your consumers’ needs to provide perfectly tailored product suggestions – live and on demand – and meet market expectations using accurate, real-time insights. By engaging in digital transformation, you can pursue ambitious growth strategies to accelerate sales and win new customers.

Consumers today can buy from almost anyone, anytime, anywhere. They are mobile, connected, informed, and opinionated. Digitally connected and socially empowered, today’s consumers drive the conversation – choosing how, when and where to interact. To win the consumer over the competition at the moment of truth, industry leaders must reinvent their sales and marketing organizations to become more consumer centric and insight driven. Enable your marketing teams with SAP cloud solutions to win today’s empowered consumers.

Careator delivers the industry’s broadest portfolio of cloud Line of Business solutions, giving Consumer Products companies the flexibility, choice, and control needed to drive innovation and agility into their businesses. Enable your sales and service teams with SAP cloud solutions to empowered consumers.