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About Us

A portmanteau of Care, Create and Cater

About Our Company

12 Years of Delivering Assurance Globally

Careator Technologies Private Limited, earlier VBridge Consulting (India) Private Limited , started as a consulting firm which soon evolved to offering deep technology solutions to global customers.

Careator, a portmanteau of Care, Create and Career, represents our focus on the 2 vital drivers of Careator’s philosophy – our Client Partners and our Employees. We Care deeply about the value delivered to our Client Partners. Towards this effort we Create the right mix of Industry, Technology and Delivery capabilities. And we ensure that our talent has a Career while delivering value for our Client Partners and so we Care for our employees making this a positive circle of value.

Pathway for both employer and employee.

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Daniel Primera

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Why Choose Us

Our Plan & Working Style



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We build long term relationships with our clients. Our average client tenure > 4 years. We have done this by repeatedly delivering value to our client Partners



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Our leadership team has combined experience of over 200 man years in IT Project Delivery and Staffing. The leadership team has been built in-house by encouraging our Talent.



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We are extremely good at what we do

We love working on projects which are challenging and critical. We have a tested methodologies and processes to ensure value is unlocked for our Client Partners.



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Talent Centric

We work with great talent and ensure their aspirations are met. Our average Talent tenure is > 2.5 years. We also do a lot of work to ensure our Talent is happy. Just to showcase how happy, our attrition for the year FY22-23 was 6.4%

Our Vision

“To be the Numero Uno in our Products & Services”.

We believe total commitment to client satisfaction leveraging the technology advantage and using highest standards of integrity and workmanship will help us to keep our difference and create a substantial competitive advantage.

Our Mission

"Quality, Integrity & Reliability Is Our Motto"

Our customers' success is our main priority. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. It is the basis for our existence and responsibility. The only true measure of our success formula is customer evaluation. We are committed to developing long-term relationships by consistently exceeding expectations and by developing practical solutions to acute business problems.