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Reliable & Cost Efficient Recruitment Agency Based On Los Angeles

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Reliable & Cost Efficiant Recruitment Agency

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Daniel Primera

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Data Governance

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Solution - SAP MDG

• Gain a single trusted source of truth and trusted view of data
• Compliance to Corporate data standards • Accelerate and facilitate the transformation to S/4HANA
• Consistent audit trail for all the changes done to master data
• Quickly deploy tasks using the pre-built data models, rules, workflows, and user interfaces

Business Encounters

• Delayed Go-to-market process
• Lack of transparency about suppliers of products leading to disfavoured procurement decisions
• Paucity of consolidated view of customer data across channels ending up with reduced sale effectiveness

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How Careator can collaborate and contribute

• Get maximum value from SAP Master Data Governance
• Leverage our experience in data governance by deploying experts bearing more 15+ years of experience in Data
• Accelerated blueprinting and implementation
• Implement MDG centralized rules for Control and audit
• Establish and formalize Governance model based on industry best practice
• Build data quality monitoring and remediation practices
• Tide over and tighten the communication gap between business enterprise and IT

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