Professional Services

We can help identify qualified talent available to work on your project, based on your needs and requirements.

Project Staffing

If your organisation needs technical expertise to complete a demanding project or a reliable technical resources committed to see your project through to completion -- our team of young talented technical consultants throughout the at Careator, are always ready and well-equipped to find the right solutions and design strategies for your needs including customising resources based on a variety of outcomes. We can help identify qualified talent available to work on your project, based on your needs and requirements. While we are highly proficient in technical staffing, we also have experience developing and collecting experienced technology teams for any kind of specific work required by the client. If your project and business requires resources to be outsourced, we are willing to work with you to develop a workflow to blend the development and ideas with your own project management.

BOT -- Build Operate Transfer Model

With a BOT Model, we assure you the benefit of a trusted local partner to establish subsidiary efficiently for a time period. After the completion of the decided phase, we transfer the assets and handover the project to you along with the support of innovative and cost-effective solutions for your growing business. We ensure a fast beginning of your project in the most cost-effective and proficient method alongside increasing your security.

We promise you that we will be an extension of your business wherein we will execute your operations using the latest technology available. We will also make sure that as we ease in to the project we will gradually transfer the ownership of the complete project to you. We help you achieve your business objectives under your directions.

We first begin by extensively working and setting up your project according to your specifications and requirements, in a very carefully managed process. Next we take care of all your projects for a particular phase of time—we run the project in complete accountability as per the objectives put forth to assure effective outcome. However, the financial and the operational ownership of the project stays entirely with the client.


With an excellent industry contacts and an experienced team of consultants and managers, we are committed to finding the right candidate who is a perfect fit for the concerned organisation. We closely access individual needs of each company and then recruit apt candidates fit across all levels of the professional ladder. We absolutely make sure the candidates we select are highly skilled, and easily fit into your requirements of roles entrusted.

We employ an expert team of consultants with excellent industry connections to help find quality and desired candidates.Our recruitment team are dedicated to making the recruitment process simple and transparent. They are experienced professionals and thus with this strong expertise comes understanding of our clients’ needs and strategic issues Once we have knowledge of your preferences, skill-set and salary requirements, we will identify and keep you constantly updated with the most suitable candidate. The secret to our success lies in the process we have developed to source, develop and deploy talent. We pride ourselves on connecting clients with the most talented management in a diverse range of industries.